beeswax candles

ordering information and prices

Sizes and weights are approximate, and there is variation from one candle to the next since they are made by hand.  Candles are made when they are ordered, although I usually have the common sizes in stock.  To order, please e-mail me using the contact form, or telephone: 518-392-2675.

standard table candles, looped pair    $12
12 inches tall, 7/8-inch diameter at base
for large quantities, looped pairs of standard table candles are $7.20 per pair with a minimum of 21 pairs

thin tapers    $25.00 per pound
These are approximately 11 – 12 inches tall.  They are sold in one-pound-weight bundles, in the following sizes.
1/4 inch diameter:  approximately 40 candles in the one-pound bundle
3/8 inch diameter:  approximately 26 candles per pound
1/2 inch diameter:  approximately 16 candles per pound
for large quantities, thin tapers may be purchased in bulk for $16.00 per pound with a minimum of 10 pounds.  
custom sizesI can easily make custom sizes of these thin tapers if you would like something in an inbetween size

spiral candles, looped pair    $18.00
approximately 11 inches tall
These are made with two thin tapers twined around each other, and then dipped three or four more times together.  They only burn for as long as each one thin candle would burn, 3 or 4 hours, but they are very beautiful with a tall bright flame.  They fit into a standard 7/8 inch candle holder.

candles in hand-made porcelain
Little candles poured into beautiful, beautiful porcelain containers made by my neighbour at Davistudio (when your beeswax is done, you shall have an incomparable drinking cup).

updated January 2017
These prices do not include shipping

Our candles are made from pure beeswax from local apiaries.  This beeswax is a lovely rich golden colour, and strongly aromatic.  When I cannot find a very local source, I supplement with wax from farther-away U.S. apiaries.