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hand-dipped candles in case quantities

These prices do not include shipping charges or taxes


Cases of candles are available at a cost of about one third off the retail price.  I can send cases of candles via USPS, or you may arrange to pick up at my home workshop in Spencertown.

This is a significant savings for people who use candles regularly.
Bulk purchases for individuals are subject to sales tax. 
Cases purchased at Fairs or festivals have a $10 surcharge toward vending fees.

Standard table candles are approximately 7/8 inch in diameter, and about 12 inches tall.
Case of 18 looped pairs at $8.80 per pair.                                                                           $158.40-/case
Weight of 6.o - 6.5 oz per pair      

table candles

Thin tapers in diameters of 0.25 inch, 3/8 inch, or 0.5 inch, in one-pound bundles. 
Case of 7 one-pound bundles at $17.60-/pound.                                                                  $123.20-/case

prayer candles

Sconce candles are approximately 7/8 inch in diameter, the same standard size as the table candles, but they are only about 7.5 inches tall.  Weight of apx. 4 oz per pair.
Case of 18 looped pairs at $6.60 per pair.                                                                           $118.80-/case                                          

sconce candles

       Often, special order candles are no more expensive to make than my common sizes.  If candles are an extreme size -- either very tall, very short, thinner than 0.25 inch, or over 1" diameter -- then they are more time-consuming for me to make or carry greater risk of flubs; in this case, prices are higher.
       I can dip candles up to 26 inches high, and up to about 2.5" or so in diameter.  For 3-inch and wider, see the more economical moulded candles (here).
       Taller, thin lighting tapers can be individually made.

special orders

Pillars are approximately 3 inch in diameter and 4 inch tall.
Case of 7 pillars at $16.50 each                                                                                            $115.50-/case                                          

pillar candles  

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