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Household  Candles

If you are interested in ordering please use the contact form to e-mail me, or telephone: 518-392-2675. 
Sizes and weights are approximate, and there is variation from one candle to the next. 
Candles are made when they are ordered, although I usually have the common sizes in stock.
These prices do not include shipping.
table candles

table candles

Sold as a looped pair.  Standard table candles are approximately 12 inches tall, with a 7/8-inch diameter at base to fit most common candle holders. 
They weigh 6.0 - 6.7 oz. per pair.
Each pair is individually dipped for the final one or two dippings, so there is a small nub of wax at the base of the candle from the drip of wax. 
$13.20 - /pair                                                  Wholesale price for case of 18 pairs:  $158.40
Wrapping fee for retail sales, per case:  $12

sconce candles

Sold as a looped pair, these are the same 7/8 inch base diameter as the standard table candles, but they are only about 7.5 inches tall. 
They weigh 4 - 4.5 oz per pair.
I started making these when two friends asked for them for their sconces.  These are also good for school use as they are stout and stable. 
$10 - /pair                                                        Wholesale price for case of 18 pairs:  $118.80
prayer candles

Prayer Candles

These are approximately 11 inches tall, sold in one-pound-weight bundles, in the following sizes.
1/4 inch diameter:  approximately 37 candles per pound
3/8 inch diameter:  approximately 26 candles per pound
1/2 inch diameter:  approximately 15 candles per pound
I can easily make custom sizes of these thin tapers if you would like something in an inbetween size.
$27.50 - /pound             For large quantities, thin tapers may be purchased in bulk
with a minimum of 7 pounds, at wholesale price of $17.60 per pound.
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