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The candles are made using 100% beeswax from local apiaries in upstate NY, and wicked with cotton wicking.  I dip candles mostly in the winter, and now I have much-appreciated electric vats and am no longer dependent upon the kitchen woodstove to melt beeswax.  The candles are entirely hand made, in the workshop next to the kitchen.  I buy the raw wax in large blocks that still incorporate bee residue, dirt, debris, and honey.  We clean and strain the wax to prepare it for candles.
This local wax is lovely: rich, bright, golden and aromatic.

Candle making is a slow endeavor and takes calm and attention.  It is immensely satisfying to pull up a frame of candles in their wet coats, and watch them dry into golden colour, and see if they are well made.  The work fills our house with the beeswax's warm enfolding smell.  The candles are made with care and each is unique. 

I thank God for this light brought into my life.

Please use the contact form to e-mail, or feel free to telephone if you would like to order or if you have questions.
Frances Culley (518) 392-2675
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